From the Mind of Pastor Gil

Disciples Make Disciples

Come, Let Me Share a Secret

The secret is that there are no secrets with God.  The world hides the truth.  God is coming in a way that all who belong to him will not be surprised in his coming.

Prepare for the coming of the Lord.  Ready yourself for the day of his return.  It may be a personal return for you or it may be the final judgment upon the world of all the wickedness that runs rampant in it.


My heart is to Disciple others like I have never had a hunger before to Disciple.


Time is of importance.  It is not that I am preparing for some future event.  It is that in this very hour I am pregnant with all that Christ has given me.  I have seen Jesus!  He appeared to me.  I have been living with him and he has given me gifts that I need to pour into others.  My desire is to help you encounter the same Christ that I have encountered.  If he will speak to me, he will speak to you.  I cannot get to all of you but to all I can get to I want to spend that time that you know the power of Christ as I know that power.


Those of you who have been given to know Christ will seek out those things that Christ has placed in me.  There is an affinity between us.  We want to be together.  We share a common bond of fellowship.  It is not a gathering that we have accomplished.  It is an appointment that God has placed us with each other.  Spending time to glean from one another is of utmost importance. 


Discovering Discipling is the same as discovery a relationship with Christ.  It is what Jesus is doing.  We have institutionalized the Body and kept Jesus at a safe distance all of our lives.  It is now time to invite him in and walk with him.  It is an open relationship that we share with other disciples.  Disciples are in community.  You cannot disciple alone.  It is a relationship of not only receiving from others but also of giving to others.  All centered in Christ makes us Disciples of Christ.


The urgency I feel is the urgency of Christ to reach all today because today they are missing out on the fullness of living in a Christ filled life.  In this place today, I see God moving in ministry through Christ.  It is that as Christ has poured into me that he will also pour into you.  Stop playing church and be the church.  Lay hands on the sick.  Cast out the demons that torment our lives.  Declare the Kingdom of Christ that His Kingdom come on earth and that the works He does through us would usher in His Return.  His Heart My Desire

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Happy Thanksgiving

The first proclamation for a national day of thanksgiving was made on October 3, 1789.  It was proclaimed as follows.

‘Whereas, it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, humbly implore his protection and favor…” (1st Proclamation of a national day of Thanksgiving, Oct. 3, 1789). We declare a day of thanksgiving shall be held in this nation.

Not much has changed but everything has changed.  Everything has changed in that the world of 1789 was very different than the world of 2012.  But one thing that has not changed is our need in giving thanks to almighty God for all he has done for us.  It never gets old.  It is never something that we no longer need to do.  Giving thanks to God is an eternal activity.  Take time to be part of eternity today. Give thanks to God for this moment, the present gift that God gives us in the now.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in the Solid Rock family.  May your day be full of thanksgiving.  His Heart My Desire.


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More Than Food to Life

Food has taken the place of an object to be obtained instead of an object to be shared.  Thanksgiving helps to refocus our thoughts and positions food back to a place that is healthy for us.  When food becomes an object to be obtained it shifts focus away from the real focus that is needed in our lives.

Thanksgiving is not about the food although it is the food that we give so much focus when we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving meal.  We need to be reminded that what is important at our Thanksgiving table is that we are all together sharing the meal before us.  During this meal we build relationships.  We create memories and we share memories of Thanksgiving gone by.  True Thanksgiving happens because we realize that the food, each other and everything we have would not even be possible unless God had created and provided these things for us.

Let the object of your Thanksgiving focus on God this week.  Realize that our focus should be on the one who created all of the things we will celebrate this Thanksgiving.  Give thanks to the one who gave you all these things.  God has created us as those for relationship with Him.  Be like your Father who created you.  He has given freely to us.  Give Thanks to him and step into the role of giving.  His Heart My Desire.

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Shift Occuring – Are you following?

I just finished a walk around Lake Junaluska spending much time in prayer.  Mike Bass and I talk a great deal about the shift that is occurring in the Body of Christ.  Along with the conversation my thoughts are focused continually in prayer seeking the Lord’s leading as it relates to this shift.  It is the focus of my eye to follow where Jesus is leading.  It is such an exciting time to be in ministry.  We are shifting from a role of “manager” into a reclaimed role as “Disciple.”

To make disciples you must be a disciple.  To be a disciple you must follow.  When Jesus called His Disciples he did not give them a choice.  He simply said “Follow Me.”  Those that followed Him dropped all that they had.  They left behind their business.  They left behind their jobs.  They left behind their families.  But they took up a walk that would change their lives and ultimately change the world.

We are living with that same call upon our lives.  Jesus did not call the competent.  He was not depending on what we were capable of doing.  Rather Jesus called “FAT” people.  “FAT” people are faithful, available and teachable.  Choosing Christ we are confident that He is the WAY.  Because Jesus is the WAY we know that our incompetence will become the tool that Jesus will use to bring His WAY to all humanity.

Chose Jesus today.  Have confidence in what Jesus can do. Not in what you cannot.

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The Solid Rock Blessing

A few years back an incredible revival broke out in Brownsville, Florida. What began as a two-week revival turned into a two-year revival with worship services every night of the week. Thousands attended the revival every day and set fires burning for renewal throughout Florida and the world.

People are hungry for a fresh move of God. But a fresh move doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be that “old time religion” that revisits our land. God desires to move in our day and will tailor that move for this hour with the way that will reach people in our day with the love of Jesus Christ.

There is a hunger in the Body for a fresh visitation by God. We are setting ourselves up for BLESSING. Last week several gave their hearts to God and many were visibly moved by the visitation of God’s Spirit in our midst.

As believers we are drawn to worship. Solid Rock is discovering a fresh move of God in worship. Unconventional at times but so full of the Spirit that we are seeing manifestations of God’s miracle working power in those services.

Revival does not come without a price. Prayers for revival are the core of any move of God. When we begin to set ourselves in agreement with what God wants to do we begin to see the manifestation in answer to our prayers. We don’t have to get God to get on board, He is already there waiting for us to come along side of His plan.

Another way that we are sowing seeds of revival at Solid Rock has been in the giving of ourselves in revival for other places. God is honored and where God is honored He will be present. Where God is there can’t help but be a revival. We take what God is doing in us wherever we go.

Revival at Solid Rock is taking on a new manifestation in worship. All of the expected signs are there for example healing, salvation, deliverance etc. But there is more. This is not just reaching the faithful. This is the birthing of a new church in a new generation.

So how can you be a part?
The biggest need is that you show up. You are part of this revival blessing. When you are present in your church God is able to do greater things, because you are part of the move. Secondly, PRAY. Give time interceding that God’s Holy Spirit will be in our midst. Pray for the hearts of the people that they will be tender toward God and desire for His presence. Lastly, give what you have been given. When God is moving in your life and you give it to others then the revival is going to spread. You cannot out give God. Give and it will come back to you pressed down shaken together and running over. Luke 6: 38

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Intense Living

If there ever has been a time that we need to read Philippians 4: 4-7 it is today.  Paul encourages the faithful to Rejoice, Let Gentleness Be Known, Be Anxious for Nothing and Pray!  Philippians 4: 4-7.  It is a calling that is revolutionary.  It goes against every witness that the world can give right now.  We have been called as a people for this time.  It is time to let our voices be heard.


You don’t need to go to Wall Street to Occupy.  We need to occupy the enemies camp right here in our area.  Every week we should be laying claim to the Kingdom.  We declare the Kingdom of Christ with every box of food we give away.  We declare the Kingdom of Christ with every child and their family that we support with care so that they might better live.  We declare the Kingdom by occupying space at McDonalds and praying for the many that go in and out of those doors.  We declare the Kingdom when scouts are given strong mentoring relationships that help them to grow into great young men and women.

This is not the hour to shrink back into complacency.  There is a cry coming from the masses.  We are called to join that cry in the lives we live. 


Living intentional today, occupying the places we go with the Love of Christ will change the world.  Determine right now that you will look for and listen for God’s prompting to be active in our declaration of the Kingdom.  Nothing today that you face will be greater than the God we serve.  So again I say rejoice.  It is God’s heart let it be your desire.

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Live Simply that Others Might Simply Live

Our God has supplied more in resource in us and in this world than we will all have need of.  Our God is a God of extravagant abundance that more than takes care of all of our needs.  This movement is not about more stuff.  It is about laying claim to who we are as a people of Christ.  It is about living our lives out of the purpose for which God created us.


This generation is actualizing for themselves what it means to be true to the calling of God upon our lives.  This generation in standing up is giving leadership that fulfills Biblical Prophecy.


In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.

Isaiah 11: 6


Intense living is being determined to make every moment count.  It is a life that is lived intentionally demanding of the circumstances conformity to our identity.  We cannot afford to stand complacently by and accept whatever our circumstances bring us.  We have been created to have dominion over the things of this world.  The things of this world have too long had dominion over us.


Saddle up with Jesus today.  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1: 7

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